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Membership Benefits

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The Value of Community 

Nicastro Consultants is a member of both the Brookline and Ogunquit Chamber of Commerce, Boston Better Business Bureau and Brookline BNI Top Peformers. Doreen believes community starts at home. As a lifelong Brookline, MA, resident and a summer resident of Ogunquit ME, her roots are in these two thriving Massachusetts and Maine communities. She sees first hand how small businesses are the lifeblood and connection to sustaining a vibrant community. Doreen understands the challenges facing small business when it comes to managing an online presence. Her value is in leveraging a mobile presence, email and social marketing campaigns to drive customers to their brand, venue and website.

Many small businesses and organizations find themselves seeking the right strategies to make their marketing efforts as effective as possible. But with so many different marketing activities that they could focus on, they often miss some of the important marketing concepts that will help them understand why those activities are so important. 

One of the benefits of joining the Brookline Chamber of Commerce is access to Constant Contact marketing and social media tools and training resources at significant savings to help you make the right decisions about your marketing activities.  

Constant Contact Chamber Program members receive up to a 25% discount when with a prepayment of twelve months and 10% discount with a prepayment of six months. The price is based on the number of email contacts.

Constant Contact Email offers state-of-the-art mobile friendly branded templates which can match your website. Emails can be scheduled and posted to your social channels.

Constant Contact Email + offers Email marketing templates, entire event management, dozens of survey templates, and social marketing resources and tools.

Constant Contact Personal Marketer includes Email + with 8 hours a month of professional support and advice from our award winning coaches and local marketing experts.

In collaboration with Chambers of Commerce Constant Contact provides quarterly workshops and seminars for small business and nonprofits on how to grow your business with email and digital marketing. It pays to be social.
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