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Consider your social media brand and presence much like growing a garden. It requires thought, vision, design and ongoing care.  We help clients build a vibrant social media garden by connecting with their network and 'like-mind' individuals with similar values, attitudes and behaviors. The idea is to commune around a mission, product, brand, celebrity or cause.  When you feed a network with authentic engagement it can spread across social networks. 

Our work involves setting up a robust and sustainable social media presence. Our clients are easily located online. They are successfully engaging with respective and prospective clients. They are building and feeding a sustainable community, using a strategy which grows their network with regular, authentic content.  

Clients who have a deeper understanding of their community can serve it with engaging information and relevant business information. We recommend that our clients use a mobile responsive-ready website or blog, email and social media marketing to connect with their audience. We implement key performance indicators on the website that measures and rewards those who engage with it.  We also design and implement marketing plans, calendar and schedule of regular newsletters, blog posts, email campaigns.  It includes 'measurable' calls to action and monthly status reports. 

Doreen also teaches social media and email marketing classes at the Center for Woment Enterprise in Boston. She facilitates brainstorming, strategy sessions and digital branding focus groups. She regularly sets up, troubleshoots and/or optimizes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, etc., professional profiles and business pages for her clients.
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