Digital marketing doesn't require big budgets. Its about being bold, clever and creative. 


Our Digital Marketing Services Focus On-
Engaging Websites-Authentic Posts-Exceptional Results Bring Loyal Customers & Followers

A social media presence with a strong network is much like growing a garden. Thought, vision, design and ongoing care are required.  A vibrant social media garden comprises 'like-mind' individuals with similar values, attitudes and behaviors who like to commune around a vision, product, brand, celebrity or cause and spread its message across their social networks. 

Doreen builds robust and sustainable digital assets and social media presence for her clients. Her clients are easily located and are successfully engaging with their respective community.  Using a responsive-ready website, and regular social media engagement campaigns, clients develop a deeper understanding of the community they wish to serve or conduct business.

Doreen helps her clients to design and implement a marketing plan with a schedule of regular newsletters, blog posts, email campaigns with calls to action so the they can measure their results with monthly status reports. 

The marketing services that we implement have specific goals with actionable results (increase # of contacts, tweets, comments, likes, follows and shares.) that can be measured and tracked monthly. Doreen oversees execution and ongoing management of digital marketing campaigns which help business growth and development.  

Doreen facilitates brainstorming, strategy sessions and digital branding focus groups. She  also sets up, troubleshoots and/or optimizes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, etc., professional profiles and business pages.
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